Plastix Podcast Episode 3 – Rox de Luca and Rebecca Prince-Ruiz

Announcing a new episode of the Podcast of Perpetual Plastix, created by Sister Ninny Nurdles!

Here’s the back story to this episode:

During the course of Plastic-free Biennale, we met a fabulous plastic artist, Rox de Luca. Rox’s practice involves gleaning for plastic – picking up tiny pieces from her local beach. These she organises into similar shapes and colours before creating new sculptural assemblages and installations.

Her work is stunning, beautiful, and troubling. In other words, it has the right combination of elegance and horror, drawing you in with form and colour and then hitting you with the gravity of the material constituents of each sculpture.

Recently, Rox mounted a large solo exhibition at Articulate Project Space in Sydney. The show was called Still gleaning for plastics, on the beach. Kim Williams went along to see it, together with the Sisters of Perpetual Plastix (Sister Glitter Nullius and Sister Ninny Nurdles).

As it happened, on the day our team visited Rox’s exhibition, a special honoured guest was also present – Rebecca Prince-Ruiz. Rebecca is the founder of the Plastic-Free July movement, and the co-author (with Joanna Atherfold Finn) of a new book, Plastic Free: The Inspiring Story of a Global Environmental Movement and Why It Matters.

plastics book

So this was indeed, as Sister Ninny Nurdles says in the podcast, an auspicious gathering of highly knowledgeable women. Enjoy the conversation about art, activism, policy, and plastics.

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