HRH MC Nannarchy’s Plastic Wrap: 2020 Biennale of Sydney COVID-19 Lockdown Version

We at Plastic-free Biennale are constantly trawling the ocean floor for polymer gems to bring to you, dear fans.

Case in point: our colleague, HRH MC Nannarchy (from Cairns).

Now, as part of the Biennale, we had planned to convey the esteemed MC to Cockatoo Island via sedan-chair for an in-person exclusive audience, but COVID blah blah cancellation etc etc you know what I’m talking about.

So, here She is, unleashed on the whole internet-accessing universe, with her brand-new Plastic Wrap. And, if you do manage to get to Cockatoo Island to see the NIRIN Biennale 2020 exhibition there (until September), this video has also been incorporated into our installation in Building 101.

Video credits: thanks to WayWard Films for edits and digital finessing.

PS – our colleague Sister Ninny Nurdles recently interviewed MC Nannarchy at the Podcast of Perpetual Plastixcheck it out here.

More about HRH MC Nannarchy: She is aided and abetted by her granddaughter Helen Ramoutsaki. Dr Ramoutsaki is an Adjunct Research Associate with the Creative Ecologies Research Theme at The Cairns Institute, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia. To check out more from Helen and Nanna, click here

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